Create Facebook Fanpage in 6 Steps

There is no longer any question over whether a business should have a Facebook business page. Now, the only question is what to do with it. Facebook is always evolving and adding new tools, so it is important to keep up to date with what a business can do with its page and how that can translate into exposure. First thing is first, though, and that is to create a page. 

Decide the Best Category for the Page

At the start of the page-building tool, Facebook will ask the page owner to choose a designation for the business. Is it a local business, an entertainment page, a brand page, a cause, a public figure/entity or a company? What this does is put the page in with other pages and tells Facebook where and how to place the page. After that, put in the business name and move on to the next step.

Page Photos

The concept of the page photo is simple -- make it descriptive and professional. It must be about 180x180. You will also need an 851x315 cover photo for the page. It should also be professional and say something about the business.


The About area of the business page is really the first place a business gets to be informative. Fill in about three sentences that say the mission of the business and maybe something short that makes it stand out. You have to be different and appealing.


You can edit the photo, description, etc. by using the edit function on the page. Here, you can put in a longer description or bio than the About section allowed. Here, you can also make page members admins so they can help you run the page.

Grabbing attention

Before you even think about getting people to like the page, make it worth liking. Do not add users right away. Fill the page with relevant content, such as posts and links that pertain to the business. This way, new users have something to discuss and read as soon as they like the page. You can even start advertising on Facebook once you have content on your page. 


Once you have posted content and have an audience, you need to maintain that audience. Designate time for yourself or an employee to handle public relations via the Facebook page. These should be people who can sell without being aggressive, discuss without being defensive and who are knowledgeable about the business. This person or these people will be responsible for monitoring any comments on the page as well. Be careful not to delete all negative content off-hand, but to get rid of profanity and hate speech, which can pop up from time to time on social media. 

Once all this is done, you have mastered the Facebook business page. Now you can keep an eye on it to see how much business it is bringing in, how it is spreading your brand and even how it might be hurting it. Do not forget to link positive reviews.